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Influence of Locomotive Wheels Slipping on a Traction System with Rotor Flux-Oriented Control and Hysteresis Current Controllers

This paper is focused on the influence of the appearance of the disturbance due to locomotive wheels slipping on a traction system with rotor flux-oriented control and hysteresis current controllers. This disturbance is one of the specific phenomena of railway traction associated with a sudden variation of the resistance torque that can lead to unfavorable effects on the traction system. The rotor flux-oriented control of the induction motor has proven its superior performance and applicability in electric traction. When the current control of the voltage source inverter is adopted, the control scheme is simpler and the performances in operation are outstanding. This structure of the control system is first presented synthetically in the paper. The specific Matlab-Simulink model conceived for the whole traction system is used to evaluate the performance of the control system in the presence of the disturbance given by the locomotive wheels slipping. The results show that the response of the system is very good, with superior performance both when wheels slipping occurs during acceleration and in steady-state operation.

University of Craiova

University of Craiova

Constantin Vlad SURU
University of Craiova


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