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Photonic Crystal Fiber-Based Surface Plasmon Resonance Sensor for Sensing Broad Range of Refractive Indices

A twin core photonic crystal fiber-based surface plasmon resonance sensor has been designed in this work to detect a wide range of refractive indices with high sensitivity. The dual core fiber is polished on both sides and the metal layer is deposited around it as the plasmonic layer. A microchannel is formed on each side between the cores and thus the sensor forms four separate plasmonic layers on the external surface of the fiber which helps to achieve a wide detection range. Plasmonic material silver is used here due to its availability and low cost. A thin layer of TiO2 is used on top to prevent oxidation of silver. The proposed design is easy to fabricate and exhibits a good fabrication tolerance. The sensing application is also convenient as the analyte is placed outside the fiber. The analyte refractive index detection range of this sensor is found 1.23 – 1.44. The maximum spectral sensitivity of the sensor is 28200 nm/RIU and the corresponding resolution is 3.55×10^-6 RIU. The maximum amplitude sensitivity of the sensor is 286 RIU^-1. Due to its high sensitivity and wide detection range this sensor can be used to detect various low refractive index (1.23 – 1.29) chemicals (like halogenated anesthetic agents, refrigerants, different type of aerogels) to various bio materials (bio-logical tissues, cancerous cells, hemoglobin) which refractive indices usually lie in the range of 1.3 – 1.39, to various high index (1.4 – 1.44) analytes (like high concentration of electrolytes, proteins).

Bangladesh Army University of Engineering and Technology

Mushfiqur Rahman MASUK
Khulna University of Engineering and Technology

Md. Faruque HOSSAIN
Khulna University of Engineering and Technology


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