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E-Work Platform Management of a Collaborative Work System for Developing Team Projects

The purpose of this paper is to describe the principles of applying the Delta transformation and the Delta compression in a platform with educational purpose in order to use the many benefits of the text compression in a collaborative work system (e-work). The paper describes the Delta transformation method and the Delta compression method from the point of view of integration of the methodology and the results into an e-work system, giving the details of the implementing process. The version control systems make teamwork easier, each of the users having access to the desired files through several commands specific to the system used. Version systems are used according to the destination necessity, each of them having advantages and disadvantages. There are many different programs that help control the version. At the moment of work with text files by several users at the same time, their use is preferred. In order for this work to be used on a large scale, not only on strings, through C# and Visual Studio IT tools, the Delta compression is applied to some texts managed by users who share documents.

University POLITEHNICA of Bucharest


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