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Design of Virtual Synchronous Machine utilizing Photovoltaic Energy System

Power is produced primarily by huge synchronous generators (SGs) in traditional power systems, with the frequency of the grid determined by the rotating speed of the prime mover. If there are any rapid variations in demand, the rotor inertia property limits the frequency shifts and maintains the system steady. The electricity system is undergoing structural changes as a result of the rapid expansion of renewable energy sources (RES). Inverter-based RES systems do not have the same inertia as classic SG, and a rapid rate of change in frequency and voltage changes at the point of common coupling (PCC) may occur during the disturbance. As a consequence, widespread use of RES systems as the photo voltaic technique will reduce overall power system inertia. Energy storage in the form of "virtual synchronous generators" is presented as a way to enhance the frequency stability of a power grid with a high renewable energy penetration (VSG). With its capacity to control frequency and voltage, the VSG-based inverter power supply simulates the exterior look of a normal SG. VSG is utilized in this research to decrease DC-link voltage fluctuation and to stabilize the frequency and voltage of the power system. The PI controller values are adjusted and tuned by reducing the inaccuracy of the VSG controller's current controller and voltage regulator.

Mohammed Saud Ali AL-FADHEELI
University of Sfax

Baqer Saleh Mahdi AL-RUBAIE
University of UPM

University of Sfax


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