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Experimental Analysis of Power Quality in a Power Substation Used in a Residential and Educational Sector

The article describes the experimental measurements made at a low-voltage residential and educational power substation, in a point of common coupling. Two groups of experiments were carried out, in normal conditions and during the Covid pandemic. Measurements were made using a power quality analyzer and include phase RMS voltages and currents, total harmonic distortion and unbalance of phase voltages and currents, neutral current, active, reactive and apparent powers, power factors and displacement power factors, Fresnel diagrams, and harmonic spectra. Measurements indicate significant differences of power quality indicators between the two measurement groups.

Corina Maria DINIŞ
Politehnica University Timișoara

Gabriel Nicolae POPA
Politehnica University Timișoara

Angela IAGĂR
Politehnica University Timișoara


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