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Power Frequency Electric Field under Overhead Lines in particular Configurations

For the calculation of power frequency electric and magnetic fields under overhead lines, analytical or numerical methods can be used. The output data accuracy will be obtained by means of the closest modeling of the real situation from the site. There are cases in which the geometry of the overhead line, the point or the profile of interest chosen, the admitted uncertainty for the final result allow the acceptance of some simplifying hypotheses (i.e. the conductors are considered infinitely long and parallel to the ground) and can offer acceptable (or conservative) results, close of the real ones. In other cases, accepting the same simplifying hypotheses would lead to erroneous results. The work seeks to solve the problem of electric field calculation taking into account the real curve of conductors of the line for spans in flat and sloped terrain. Also it tries to highlight the errors that could arise if one would adopt excessive simplifications in the modeling of such particular cases.

University "Politehnica"of Bucharest

University "Politehnica"of Bucharest


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