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ATEE 2023 - OpenConference

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Considerations related to renewable power supply switching and power system optimization for an UAV aimed at enabling extended-duration monitoring missions

Using a photovoltaic system to power a UAV allows it to fly longer distances and for longer periods of time. After conducting research on a solar UAV with a 151 cm wingspan that was powered by three different energy sources, a technical solution was developed to optimize the energy system and reduce the transient effects that were observed during the switching of electrical sources. By simulating a long-term aerial monitoring mission, the study demonstrated how an optimization algorithm based on the actual operating parameters of the UAV ensures a steady and efficient power supply to the power grid throughout the entire flight. As a result, the study's findings can be applied to the development of new UAVs with exceptional performance, ensuring that the process of selecting a suitable energy source for the flight conditions and supplying the electrical consumers is carried out optimally and efficiently, without any operational risks.

Military Technical Academy Ferdinand I

Nicolae JULA
Military Technical Academy Ferdinand I


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