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Design of a System for Experimental Study of the Temperature Field of Electronic Modules

The temperature regime of electronic modules is crucial for their reliable operation. This study deals with the implementation of a system for experimental investigation of the temperature field of electronic devices with the use of thermal camera. The main dependencies are described so that the pixel area can be obtained and the pixels can be classified into different temperature zones. Furthermore, an algorithm of the system has been developed, which describes the process of implementing an experimental investigation of the temperature field. The brain of the system is a microcontroller, which is responsible for obtaining the sensors readings and manipulating the heater and fan. It is connected with a personal computer, which allows to obtain and store the experimental data as time series for further analysis. The developed system could be used to implement planned experiments, the data from which is appropriate for creation and verification of thermal models of electronic devices.

University of Ruse "Angel Kanchev"

University of Ruse "Angel Kanchev"


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