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Conceptual design of a dual battery power supply system for a fixed-wing VTOL UAV

In this paper, a dual battery power supply system is conceptually presented. It is based on the switching of the power supply from two batteries that power the systems on board a UAV with VTOL capabilities. So, the propulsion systems and batteries are determined using mathematical formulas and eCalc software. Therefore, the overall electrical diagram of the on-board electrical network is presented and the sections of the conductors on board the aircraft are calculated. Also, this paper presents the design stages of a dual battery system, the methods of determining the energy consumers on board the UAV, as well as the comparative performance between the proposed system and a classic system with a single battery. These performances are presented through relevant graphs that compare flight time, flight distance and the efficiency of the propulsion system in both configurations.

Cristian VIDAN
University "Politehnica" of Bucharest, Military Technical Academy "Ferdinand I"

Ioana-Adina POPESCU
Military Technical Academy "Ferdinand I"

Teodor Lucian GRIGORIE
University "Politehnica"of Bucharest


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