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SMA-in-the-loop Testing Using Simulink and Arduino

The paper presents the design of a (Shape Memory Alloys) SMA-in-the-loop testing stand, which allows the testing of the controllers of any type software implemented by Simulink platform in real conditions. The stand offers the possibility to test SMA and SMA-based actuators by electric current driving for the heating stage and air forcing for the cooling process. Also, it allows the acquiring of the parameters: voltage and intensity of the driving current, SMA temperature, accomplished displacement and force. The stand was tested under the following hardware structure: software implemented controllers running on PC, Arduino Due as interface with the physical environment, Arduino Uno-based dual output buck converter and sensors. The stand can be easily extended by other components, it is very flexible as structure.

Ion-Cornel MITULEĊ˘U
Babes-Bolyai University


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